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Organic Hair Products ?


As a hair and beauty professional with many years of experience I choose to use on my clients and myself - what I consider to be the safest possible products that, at the same time will do their job brilliantly.

I have in the past had my own health issues that have heightened my awareness of using as many products that are safe to our health and environment, and to reduce artificial and chemical substances wherever I can.

I have recently completed extensive research into organic/natural hair and hair colour products.

Layered bob hairstyle with darker colour around the hairline, and foils slightly lighter to pick up and make more noticeable the texture of the layers of the style. Nape is also darker. Simple to manage and finished with light wax.

Short hairstyle that easy to manage and maintain. Solid colour to accentuate the sharpness of the style. Hair is dried and placed and pieced with finishing wax. Very easy care style.

Beautifully cut short hairstyle, with longer front. Deeper gold foils have been added to the front section only, to add interest and to accentuate the longer lengths in the front.  Good style for finer straighter hair.

Short cropped and easy care hairstyle. A few copper foils under the fringe area highlights the length and style here.

Long and soft tonged curls. Hair partially pinned into the nape at the back to give a soft boudior feel.

Long blond hair with tousled bouncy curls performed with jumbo tongs.

Long ribbon style curl hairstyle. Jumbo tongs and each curl is formed individually. Great formal style, not recommended for everyday wear.

Long thick asian type hair sits well in this style. Long layers with slices of varying red tones to show up the layers and hair texture.

This very layered casual hairstyle has great casual and trendy charm. Easy care hairstyle that suits most hair that has a slight wave, to keep looking right hair must be in excellent condition and trimed every 5-6 weeks.

Colour is a full colour with foils of lighter ands darker tones of the main colour, reverse ombre is used on the ends of the lengths in a darker tone. This colour technique makes the hairstyle stand out in the crowd.

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