Our Hairdressing Team

Talented, creative hairdressing = the best hairstyle.

We are passionate about everything hair.

Our salon in Brisbane's leafy Chapel Hill (near Indooroopilly, and Kenmore) Salon Inovo is dedicated to delivering modest glamour and a great hairstyle in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere.

Offering over 40 years experience in hairdressing.

Sandra Lamb -

Managing Director and Creative Stylist Sandra Lamb - has been in the industry for over 40 years. Her passion for the perfect marriage of style and colour, and listening to the clients past experiences to determine their needs is completely evident, thus setting the client totally at ease during the consultation. With so many years of service in the hair and beauty industry her experience, expertise and her understanding of her clients personal needs. This is her greatest asset as a hairdresser!

Throughout her career she has owned and run many successful hairdressing businesses, and salons, developed franchise concepts, freelanced as a hairdresser / stylist in film and television, created hairstyles for photographic shoots, and training seminars. Sandra is passionate and enthusiastic about hairdressing and the importance of "the right cut and colour, being the foundation of the perfect hairstyle".

She says "You see a woman with a stunning hairstyle - notice the confidence and poise with which she carries it - she is comfortable with herself "this is my goal as a hairdresser to find that place for every one of my clients"

At Salon Inovo we value the clients time and don't believe in overbooking or squeezing in appointments. Our salon is a place where our clients can retreat from the everyday "everything's", in a relaxed and intimate environment, where they will receive friendly professional services and advice for all their hair care needs.


Hairdresser and Trichologist

Cathryn Rose - Trichologist

Cathy Rose I.A.T. (International Association of Trichology) specialises in Hair loss and Scalp problems suffered by women, men and children.

Cathy has over 40 years experience as a hairdresser and continues her passion helping people with various hair and scalp problems and hair loss.  With Trichology and hairdressing qualifications Cathy is able to provide that extra service to Clients.

Cathy aims at not only to ease symptoms of the condition but to actually seek and establish factors that may be causing the problem.  In some cases, you may be referred onto a G.P. or Endocronologist for further treatment and blood tests.

The many problems that can be treated include all types of hair loss, scaling problems and many hair shaft problems.

Cathy is a member of the I.A.T. which is a non-profit corporation founded in California in 1973 to promote the study, research and legitimate practice in all aspects of the treatment and care of the human hair and scalp in health and disease.

The hair is examined microscopically or be suggested to have a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (H.T.M.A.)

Research has shown that for may elements, hair, more closely reflects body mineral stores than blood or urine, particularly in cases of toxic metal accumulation.

Hair is very sensitive and reflects factors such as poor nutrition, systematic problems, medications and stress.

For most females hair loss and hair thinning, have a combination of nutritional, medical and genetic causes.

The sooner professional advice is sought, the sooner your hair loss/scalp problems can be diagnosed correctly, and will be quicker and easier for your hair to return back to normal.

Cathy uses and recommends Hair Fact which is an evidenced based, nutritional cyclical therapy designed to help strengthen the hair follicles.  These are designed for men and women by Dr Rajput M.S. M.Ch., Honored to be Fellow ISHRS - USA, Aesthetic & Hair Transplant Surgeon.

Cathryn offers advice on hair transplantation, hair and scalp care and usage of correct remedial products at home, as well a specialising in the design of hair pieces for men and women.