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hair cuts and hair colours by your hairdresser in Chapel Hill

Hair colours and hair cuts by your talented hairdresser.

Our philosophy is that every client attending our salon should have the best possible experience from their hairdresser, and that they can always rely on the highest quality standard of hair services and products.
Our goal is to give you great hair, hair that is simple for you to style yourself, looks fantastic, and totally complements your personal style!

You - your hairdresser - your experience!

The experience begins with a complete consultation where we listen to your needs and past hair experiences.

Then the shampoo experience, condition and relaxing scalp massage whilst luxuriating in our reclining, heating, soothing and healing shampoo massage lounge.

 Your hairdresser will then design a whole new look for you or update and improve what already works.


Your hairdresser  designs your  hair style / hair colours.

Your hairdresser will design the best hair cuts and if desired hair colours for you:-
a style that suits:

- your facial structure,

- hair texture,

- personality,

- personal style and lifestyle.

 We will give you a hair style and or hair colour that looks great everyday, one that you can manage easily yourself.

 Have you ever wondered about organic hair colour read our revealing research!

Salon price list July 2016

Salon prices subject to change without notice. Prices are a guide only!


Ladies Style Cut with blow-dry/finish $95.00 $115.00 $130.00
Style change (longer appt time required) $115.00 $125.00 $140.00
Express Trim only (no blow-dry or finish) $70.00    
Mens Cut $40.00    
High School  (13-17yrs) from $45.00    
 Fringe Trim from $20.00    
 BLOWDRY / SETS(includes shampoo)      
 Blow Dry  $45.00  $55-70.00  $65-85.00
 Roller set and finish  $45.00  $60.00  $70-80.00


(trim or blow dry extra)

 Regrowth colour          (from)  $80.00  $90.00  $100.00
 Regrowth colour ( blonde)   (from)


 $115.00  $135.00
 Demi hair colours  $65.00  $75.00  $85.00
 Semi hair colours  $50.00  $60.00  $75.00
 PERMS (trim or blowdry extra)      
 Permanent Wave  $95.00  $115.00  $145.00


(trim or blowdry extra)

 Quarter Head  $55.00  $65.00  $80.00
 Half Head  $100.00  $120.00  $150.00
 Full Head  $150.00  $180.00  $200.00
 Scattered foils with tint re-touch ( up to 10 foils)  $50.00  $65.00  $75.00
 Includes home care shampoo and conditioner  $295.00  $345.00  $365.00
 (extra long and or extra thick hair extra)      































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